Nimbis' brokerage services can benefit anyone requiring access to on-demand pay-as-you-go access to HPC services in the cloud. Although our initial primary sector focus is the "missing middle" in the US manufacturing supply chain, we are open to explore solutions to any challenges that users may have in accessing affordable, on-demand, easy to use, cloud-based HPC platforms, software, and services. Users and benefits include:

  • Anyone* with a credit card (or approved purchase order) can shop our technical computing marketplace of fully integrated HPC platforms and modeling and simulation applications and purchase on-demand metered usage of these products without the large investment of procuring, integrating, and maintaining these products separately and the long delays of negotiating license and service agreements. We've done all of this for you.
  • Manufacturing supplier firms can affordably explore and use HPC-level modeling, simulation, and analysis for virtual prototyping with help from domain-knowledgeable experts if needed. We have broken down the barriers to HPC adoption for the small to medium sized enterprises in the engineering and manufacturing supply chain.
  • OEM manufacturing firms can more easily drive the innovation and productivity benefits of HPC through their supply chains. They can also use Nimbis' brokerage services for experimental and overflow ("surge") work, avoiding the need to purchase more HPC equipment that would only be used occasionally.
  • Regional manufacturing centers are adopting our marketplace approach to address each region’s needs to increase the adoption of HPC virtual prototyping in the markets that those regions serve.
  • Domain experts with advanced knowledge and experience using complex modeling and simulation programs can create tightly-focused domain-specific web applications that wrap the complex programs into simple web applications and deploy and sell their web apps using our seller tools.

Please contact us if our technical computing marketplace is missing a service that could benefit you.

* Export restrictions may apply to certain products.