What We Do

Nimbis connects its clients transparently through an industry wide brokerage and clearinghouse with third party compute resources (cycle providers), commercial application software, and expertise. Our primary goal is to provide low-risk, low-effort, pay-as-you go access to high performance computing (HPC) in the cloud for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in the engineering and manufacturing supply chain who are currently unable to move beyond technical computing on the desktop. SMEs are critical players in the supply chain. Because of barriers to HPC, SMEs are often forced into slow and limited physical prototyping methods that do not have the advantages of modeling and simulation analysis provided by HPC. A key aspect of Nimbis' services is to provide access to and license management for commercial HPC software.

Nimbis' core services are the commodity products and services that Nimbis buys in quantity from commercial computing and software service suppliers and resells as subdivided access directly as a product or indirectly through a value-added service. Nimbis’ clients will benefit from price competition and spare computing capacity generated by the proliferation of large scale HPC and cloud computing centers.

Nimbis' value-added services are unique solutions provided to specific classes of clients through independent software vendor back-ends or thin-client web portals. Each industry (and sometimes customer) needs software customization requiring both HPC and domain expertise. HPC centers and consulting firms play a major role in developing this capability. Nimbis adds value by providing the electronic commerce backend functionality for third parties that want to sell their custom computing solutions. From a user perspective, these highly specific industry solutions are accessible through tailored thin-client web portals.

In summary:

  • Nimbis acts as a clearinghouse for buyers and sellers of technical computing services.
  • Nimbis provides pre-negotiated access to high performance computing services, software, and expertise from the leading compute time vendors, independent software vendors, and domain experts.
  • Nimbis partners with the world’s leading computing service companies to provide users with a choice growing menu of pre-qualified, pre-negotiated services from HPC cycle providers, independent software vendors, domain experts, and regional solution providers, delivered on a “pay-as-you-go” basis.
  • Nimbis makes it easier and more affordable for desktop users to exploit technical computing for faster results and superior products and solutions.
  • Nimbis enables the manufacturing supply chain to drive productivity, cost-efficiency, and innovation.
  • Nimbis provides access to new users and markets for core service providers.