Brian Schott

Posted by: Nimbis Services 5 years, 10 months ago

Brian Schott, Chief Technology Officer, has over 20 years of development and technical management experience in the areas of cloud computing, high performance computing, embedded computing systems, network security, and distributed sensor networks. While at the University of Southern California, he managed over $40M in collaborative research projects involving academic, government, and commercial partners. Mr. Schott has developed several hardware and software solutions for commercial technical computing and Defense mission processing applications, including a patented FPGA system licensed by SAIC. In his most recent work at USC, his team contributed heterogeneous high performance computing extensions to the open-source OpenStack cloud. Prior to USC, Mr. Schott worked at the Institute for Defense Analyses’ Supercomputing Research Center, where he developed FPGA-based reconfigurable computing machines, tools, and compilers. He also worked for Braddock, Dunn, and McDonald at the National Security Agency. Mr. Schott has served on proposal review panels for the National Science Foundation and technical advisory panels for the Department of Energy and NASA.