Nimbis Services Sponsors the Wolfram Mathematica® Virtual Conference

Posted by: Nimbis Services 7 years, 1 month ago
September 24, 2011 – On September 26 and 27, Wolfram Research will hold their first Mathematica Virtual Conference. Nimbis Services, Inc. (Nimbis) who has partnered with Wolfram Research to develop and deploy Cloud Services for Mathematica, is proud to be a sponsor of this novel event.
The conference is open to world-wide attendance. The first day of the conference will be hosted at a time convenient to participants in North America. The second day of the conference will hosted at a time convenient to participants in Europe. However, worldwide attendees are welcome and encouraged to attend either day. There will be five parallel tracks of presentations: DiscoverMathematica, What’s New in Mathematica, Applying Mathematica in Industry & Research, Applying Mathematica in Education, and Developing on the Mathematica Platform. There are five presentations per track covering 25 topics each day in 4.25 hour sessions.
Nimbis will host a virtual booth at the conference on both days. We are showcasing the latest developments in our Cloud Services for Mathematicaproducts. If you attend the conference, please stop by our booth and have a chat with us. We have a brief presentation and an updated product datasheet that you may review and take a copy with you if you like.
The virtual conference is quite a novel and interesting way to share, learn, and generally cultivate and participate in the growing Mathematicaecosystem. Please join us. For registration and schedule information, please go to:
About Nimbis Services, Inc.
Nimbis Services, Inc. is a privately held technology corporation bringing an innovative technical computing market place to the cloud computing industry. Nimbis offers a suite of brokerage and ecommerce web services that connects clients with third-party high performance computing (HPC) resources, commercial application software, and domain-specific expertise. Nimbis provides low-risk, low-effort, on-demand, "pay-as-you go" access to HPC for small to midsize companies who are currently unable to move beyond technical computing on the desktop. Another differentiating characteristic of Nimbis’ clients is that they tend to be experimental and occasional HPC users, regardless of size.
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