Abaqus VAR Licensing

Nimbis Services is an authorized Dassault Systèmes Value Solutions (VS) Partner and value added reseller (VAR) of Dassault Systèmes SIMULIA branded products. The Abaqus VAR Licensing group of products provides Nimbis customers with traditional VAR licensing packages for use on their desktops, at other service providers, or on Nimbis managed high performance computing (HPC) cloud instances.

The benefits of procuring Abaqus through Nimbis include:

  • Nimbis provides a low-cost cloud-based evaluation package that you can test drive on before you commit to hardware and software.
  • In addition to the Abaqus products, Nimbis provides competitive VAR pricing of all SIMULIA portfolio products including Isight, Tosca, and fe safe should you need to expand your simulation and analysis workflow.
  • Nimbis will work with you to optimize a solution for your desktop or by secure remote desktop to one of our partner HPC centers.
  • If you purchase a license for your use on your premises and later find that you need to scale out to the cloud, you are already working with a service provider that can offer that.
  • It’s easy and affordable for desktop users to use Abaqus in the cloud through the Nimbis Technical Computing Marketplace.
  • This enables you in the manufacturing supply chain to drive productivity, cost-efficiency, and innovation.
  • The user experience is as simple as possible through an easy ecommerce web portal.
  • Abaqus Unified FEA Commercial License

    The Abaqus Unified FEA product suite offers powerful and complete solutions for both routine and sophisticated engineering problems.