Nimbis forms strategic partnerships within the high performance computing community to create unique products at affordable prices with simple click-through procurement through our on-line technical computing marketplace. Partner categories include compute providers, software vendors, manufacturing organizations, and domain experts. Browse our list of partners. If you are interested in partnering with Nimbis, please contact us.

  • Software Vendors

    Nimbis partners with the leading vendors of technical computing software for science and engineering to make these applications more accessible and affordable for our customers.
  • Compute Providers

    Nimbis partners with Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and High Performance Computing (HPC) providers to provide technical computing resources for its customers.
  • Manufacturing Organizations

    Nimbis partners with industry-leading manufacturing organizations to leverage opportunities and technologies that will benefit our customers.
  • Become a Seller

    The Nimbis Seller Partner Program allows you to host and sell your vertical applications in our technical computing marketplace using tools that Nimbis will provide to you at no charge.
  • About the Seller Partner Beta Program

    The Nimbis Technical Computing Marketplace is a marketplace that brings together buyers and sellers of technical computing products in the cloud.