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The Nimbis Seller Partner Program allows you to host and sell your vertical applications in our technical computing marketplace using tools that Nimbis will provide to you at no charge. A vertical application represents a specific tailoring of a larger complex modeling and simulation program into a simpler application domain specific configuration. Our tools allow you to build and insert your vertical app into our store and deploy purchased sessions within a web portal. This allows your buyers to plug in well-defined parameters through a simple web interface to get results quickly and easily without having to deal with the complexity of the larger underlying program.

For example, OpenFOAM ¹ is a large and complex computational fluid dynamics (CFD) application for modeling and simulating the behavior of fluids. A vertical application could focus on the simulation of fluids passing through a manifold. An application domain portal would request a set of input parameters, for example the geometry of the manifold, the fluid properties, and the input characteristics and compute a prediction of the output flow rate, volume, and pressure.

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¹ OpenFOAM is a registered trademark of OpenCFD® Ltd. OpenFOAM is licensed under the GNU General Public Licence.