3dAddSim App Startup Package

PILOT PROGAM, BY INVITATION ONLY. PLEASE CONTACT ALTASIM. The 3dAddSim App predicts the thermal history of components manufactured using the Additive Manufacturing process of Powder Bed Fusion. Users can select from a list of existing 3D components, modify the geometry to define new variants, specify the laser deposition power, laser travel speed, number of deposition layers, and material for deposition. 3dAddSim automatically develops the computational analysis file and performs a series of thermal analyses using COMSOL Multiphysics to predict the temperature history at predefined locations during the deposition process. The user is provided with graphical results of the temperature vs time history as well as visualizations of the temperature distribution over the component volume.

The Startup Package is a low-cost, low-risk, entry-point solution for new users unfamiliar with the use and application of the 3dAddSim App. The package includes 5,000 core hours of compute time on the Ohio Supercomputer Center (OSC) Oakley cluster and eight hours of AltaSim technical support in the use of the application including use case analysis, problem configuration, and job results analysis and interpretation. The duration of the service is 90 calendar days from the date your order is placed. Job sessions are opened and controlled entirely through your account dashboard in your web browser.

The price includes 5,000 core hours of compute time and eight hours of technical support by email and phone. The service begins when the order is placed and ends after 90 calendar days.

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