Abaqus Remote Desktop HPC Evaluation Package

The evaluation package provides a one month evaluation license to Abaqus Unified FEA products. Features include:

  • Abaqus/CAE for pre-and post-processing
  • Abaqus tokens for running finite element analysis (FEA) solvers on 1-48 cores
  • Runs on an HPC cluster at the Ohio Supercomputer Center (OSC)
    • Access to OSC is provided by a remote desktop session
    • The session is launched and controlled through your web browser from a dashboard in your Nimbis account
  • Abaqus/CAE GUI runs on a GPU node at OSC over a secure VNC session between OSC and your remote desktop session.
  • Additional tools are provided for uploading and downloading your working files between your local machine and your home account at OSC, which is attached to your Nimbis account.
  • Tools are provided for launching and monitoring portable batch system (PBS) jobs on the OSC HPC nodes.

If you require consulting services on the use of Abaqus, OSC provides consulting services separately.

The evaluation license is limited to your evaluation of Abaqus on an HPC system. It is not intended for use to derive and use results in your research or commercial project. Please see the Abaqus Remote Desktop HPC Commercial Package for commercial use.

The benefits of using Nimbis’ Abaqus Remote Desktop HPC Evaluation Package include: 

  • Test drive before you commit to a commercial package configuration.
  • Nimbis will work with you to optimize your commercial licensing package.
  • The user experience is as simple as possible, all through a web browser, no software installation required.
  • No need to tie up your server resources for evaluation purposes.
  • Nimbis installs and managers your eval license for your private use on a Nimbis license server – no effort on your part to setup and manage a license server.
  • Nimbis (or one of its partners) has already pre-installed the Abaqus eval software on the remote HPC nodes that you will access through a secure remote desktop – no effort on your part to install and manage evaluation software.
  • In addition to the Abaqus products, Nimbis provides competitive VAR pricing of all SIMULIA portfolio products including Isight, Tosca, and fe safe should you need to expand your simulation and analysis workflow.
  • It’s easy and affordable for desktop users to use Abaqus in the cloud through the Nimbis Technical Computing Marketplace.
  • This enables you in the manufacturing supply chain to drive productivity, cost-efficiency, and innovation.

There is no charge for the evaluation license. The price covers a setup fee.

  • The setup fee is charged to your payment method on file in your Nimbis account.
  • You will be billed at the end of the evaluation period for actual cores used at a rate of $0.07 USD per core hour.
  • Each account comes with 500GB of data file storage at OSC. Additional storage is $68.32 per TB per month.
  • Billing occurs at the end of each calendar month for the previous month’s usage.

See the “Ordering” tab for instructions on placing an order.

Follow these steps to place an order:

  1. Sign in to your Nimbis account or sign up for an account.
  2. Once signed in, choose the SIMULIA Store from the list of stores in the Marketplace.
  3. Click on the store’s “Register” button to register for access to products in this store. The “Register” button will also show on the pages of the products in the store.
  4. When your registration has been approved, the “Register” button on the product pages will be replaced with “Buy”.
  5. Under Account -> Profile, configure your payment method.
  6. Clicking on the “Buy” button will take you through checkout.
  7. At checkout, payment will be made against the payment method you have in your account profile.

Delivery and use instructions will be provided by email.




Price: $99.00 per package

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