ANSYS Remote Desktop HPC Hosting Package

The hosting package allows you to bring your ANSYS license key file, procured separately, to Nimbis where we will install the key file on a Nimbis license server for your private use by ANSYS products that you launch on high performance computing (HPC) nodes at the Ohio Supercomputer Center (OSC).  Access to OSC is provided by a remote desktop session launched and controlled through your web browser from a dashboard in your Nimbis account. The ANSYS Workbench graphical user interface (GUI) runs on a graphics processing unit (GPU) node at OSC over a secure virtual network computer (VNC) session between OSC and your remote desktop session. Additionally tools are provided for uploading and downloading your working files between your local machine and your home account at OSC which is attached to your Nimbis account. Tools are also provided for launching and monitoring portable batch system (PBS) jobs on OSC HPC nodes.

If you require consulting services on the use of ANSYS products on HPC, OSC provides consulting services separately. If you would like to evaluate the use of ANSYS products in an HPC environment first, please see our ANSYS Remote Desktop HPC Evaluation Package. If you do not have an ANSYS license for commercial use, please contact Nimbis.

The price shown is an installation fee. You will be billed at the end of each calendar month for actual core hours used. Please refer to the Pricing tab for details.

There is a $499.00 USD installation fee charged to your payment method on file in your Nimbis account. Use of OSC core hours, based on actual usage, will be billed to your payment method at the rate of $0.07 USD per core hour at the end of each calendar month for the previous month’s usage. Each account comes with 500 GB of data file storage at OSC. The price for additional storage is $68.32 per TB per month.

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Price: $499.00

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