Heat Sink Predictor Subscription Plan

The Heat Sink Predictor (HSP) is a web application that simulates and predicts the performance of heat sink designs. The user specifies the initial conditions, the material properties, and a set of environment variables for fixed geometry options (a future capability will allow user-defined geometries). The HSP performs a thermal analysis as a series of finite element analysis (FEA) calculations to predict a heat map contour plot of the structure and a plot of temperature change with time. The user can download and view the resulting plots. In addition, the user is provided with interactive visualization of the structural heat map with the ability to extract result variables (temperature, heat flux, etc.) at different locations. The FEA calculations are performed using Abaqus by SIMULIA. The HSP was developed by Greenlight Optics, hosted by the Ohio Supercomputer Center, and deployed as an on-demand cloud product by Nimbis Services.

The Subscription Plan: For users that have completed the Heat Sink Predictor Startup Package, the Subscription Plan offers an annual subscription service. The plan includes a discounted block of core hours over a 12-month period for a fixed price paid up front with renewal options at the end of the service period. OSC consulting on the use of the Heat Sink Predictor is avaialble separately under the OSC Consulting Subscription service.

Please contact Nimbis for availability and pricing.

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