OSC Consulting Subscription Plan

For users of Ohio Supercomputer Center (OSC) products, the OSC Consulting Subscription offers an annual subscription plan for consulting in the use of the OSC products offered in the OSC store. The following OSC products are covered under this subscription plan:

- Abaqus Remote Desktop
- ANSYS Remote Desktop
- COMSOL Remote Desktop
- Container Fill Predictor
- EWI Weld Predictor
- Heat Sink Predictor
- Manifold Flow Predictor
- OSC File Manager
- OSC Glenn Remote Desktop
- OSC Job Constructor
- OSC Job Monitor
- Truck Add-on Predictor

This subscription plan includes 160 hours of OSC consulting by email and phone over a 12-month period for a fixed price paid up front with renewal options at the end of the service period.

The price includes 160 hours of consulting time. Service begins when the order is placed.

You must first register for access to the products listed in the store. If you have not already registered, you will see a "Register" button instead of "Buy". After you register, the "Register" button will be replaced with "Buy". Clicking on the “Buy” button will take you through checkout. At checkout, payment will be made against the payment method, credit card or purchase order, that you have specified in your account profile.

Price: $20,000.00 per subscription

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  • OSC Glenn Remote Desktop

    Provides a remote desktop to a GPU node on the Glenn cluster at OSC. Launches from your web browser through a VNC session connected to your OSC account.


  • OSC Job Monitor

    Using a browser-based web portal, monitor the status of your active HPC batch jobs that you have submitted to the Ohio Supercomputer Center.


  • OSC File Manager

    Provides a browser-based file manager for uploading and downloading your job files to and from your home directory at OSC.


  • OSC Job Constructor

    Construct and submit HPC batch jobs from your OSC account using a simple browser-based web portal.