SystemModeler on Amazon Custom Evaluation Package

With our SystemModeler on Amazon Custom Evaluation Package you can evaluate your SystemModeler enabled design simulation on an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Elasitc Compute Cloud (EC2) customized to your specifications. Use this if our pre-configured on-demand deployments do no meet your requirements. Nimbis will setup your Amazon account and configure and launch your instances with SystemModeler pre-installed on Linux. Nimbis will work with you to specify and configure your evaluation platform. Nimbis has extensive experience working with customers to deploy their Wolfram solutions on Amazon clouds. Click on the "Pricing" tab for more details on what's included.

Users must have a valid SystemModeler license to use this service. The period of performance is 90 calendar days beginning when your Amazon account is created. Upon completion of your evaluation, please contact Nimbis and we will work with you to take your Wolfram solution to the next level in the cloud.

The package price includes:

- 90 calendar days of service
- 20 Nimbis labor hours for
    - Amazon account setup
    - EC2 instance/cluster configuration
    - Instruction on usage
    - Technical support
- 500 EC2 instances hours on one of these instance types
    - High Memory Double Extra Large
    - High Memory Quadruple Extra Large
    - High CPU Extra Large
    - Cluster Compute Quadruple Extra Large
    - Cluster Compute Eight Extra Large
- EC2 machine images with SystemModeler pre-installed on Linux
- Ability to upload and download files to/from your instance(s)
- Ability to start and stop your instance(s)
- Remote desktop for control of SystemModeler in your cloud
- Backup configuration including daily snapshots
- Security configuration following Amazon's best practices

If additional Nimbis labor time or EC2 instance hours are required before the end of the period of performance, please contact Nimbis.

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Price: $5,800.00 per package

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