What We Do

  • Nimbis brings together buyers and sellers of technical computing products and services in a technical computing marketplace in the cloud.
  • Nimbis' target market is small to medium sized enterprises in the engineering and manufacturing supply chain that do not have access to, or otherwise cannot afford, modeling and simulation software running on high performance computing (HPC) platforms.
  • To lower the barriers to HPC, the Nimbis technical computing marketplace provides secure, affordable, on-demand, pay-as-you-go access to HPC systems, software, and expertise. Nimbis provides a set of seller tools and hosting services for domain experts to build and deploy their own domain-specific web applications and expert services.
  • To achieve these goals, Nimbis partners with the world's leading cloud and supercomputer providers, independent software vendors, domain experts, and regional manufacturing centers to form click-through agreements with pre-negotiated pricing and easy to use web portal user interfaces.