Container Fill Predictor Startup Package

The Container Fill Predictor (CFP) is a web application that simulates the filling of a container with a fluid. The CFP allows a user to upload a computer aided design (CAD) file describing the container geometry which may have an arbitrary number of inlets and outlets. During filling, a user-specified fluid type flows into the container at a user-specified speed at each inlet while air escapes from the container from each outlet. The CFP performs a series of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) calculations to predict the fluid pressure and velocity at different filling times within the container. In addition, the user is provided with interactive visualizations of pressure and velocity distributions within the container. The CFD calculations are performed using OpenFOAM, an open source CFD software package. The CFP was developed by Procter & Gamble, hosted by the Ohio Supercomputer Center, and deployed as an on-demand cloud product by Nimbis Services.

The Startup Package: All new users of the Container Fill Predictor will begin with the Startup Package. The Startup Package is a low-cost, low-risk, entry-point solution for new users unfamiliar with the use and application of the Container Fill Predictor. The package includes 5,000 core hours of compute time at the Ohio Supercomputer Center (OSC) and eight hours of OSC technical support in the use of the application including use case analysis, problem configuration, and job results analysis and interpretation. The duration of the service is 90 calendar days from the date your order is placed. Job sessions are opened and controlled entirely through your account dashboard in your web browser.

The price includes 5,000 core hours of compute time and 8 hours of technical support by email and phone. The service begins when the order is placed and ends after 90 calendar days.

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Price: $1,500.00 per package

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